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Mindfulness Instruction, Workshops



Services: Services

Audio:  "Basic Mindfulness Meditation"

Class 1: Introduction to Mindfulness 

Class 2: Detailed Meditation Instruction

Class 3:  [stay tuned]

Services: Welcome

Services & Fees

Mindfulness Training services include:

* Private sessions with on-going follow-up as requested, and private weekly sessions in your home

(in-person, telephone, Skype or FaceTime sessions available)

* Group Sessions designed to fit your schedule


* Mindfulness Workshops:

Basic Mindfulness Theory and Practice

Mindfulness at Work

Mindful Communication

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Mindful Speech

Mindful Eating

"Eight Steps to an Authentic Life"

3-hour, 1-day, or weekend formats are offered.

.... and many others. Pricing varies by time & location.

Contact me for fee information and workshop descriptions.

I'm happy to work with your particular interests and scheduling needs.

Services: Our Services
Services: Services

Mindfulness  at Work

Mindfulness workshops and weekly half-hour sessions in your workplace:

"Now I’m seeing how meditation can help with productivity. The monkey mind doesn’t waste nearly as much time hopping to irrelevant topics while I try to get work done. I really appreciate the greater ease this gives my work hours."  S.Y.

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