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Private & Group Instruction and Consulting

Patricia J. Ullman has been a student and teacher of mindfulness meditation for over 40 years. She guides individuals and groups in learning techniques that support more effective, creative, and fulfilling personal and professional experiences.

Mindfulness training sessions are available to beginners, to individuals with on-going meditation practices, and as workshops for executives, lawyers and other professionals as a support for their work and quality of life.  Including a session of mindfulness in your day, in a meeting or conference, before a wedding or other event, or as a regular part of your schedule will enhance your ability to focus, be present, and enjoy your life.

Sessions are designed to accommodate your own, or your company's, schedule and interests. See Services & Fees.


Mindfulness  at Work

Start with a 1-hour slide presentation, which includes a short mindfulness meditation session, to learn what it's all about.  On-going weekly sessions will benefit your company culture as well as individual health and well-being. Workshops and retreats are also available.

"Now I’m seeing how meditation can help with productivity. The monkey mind doesn’t waste nearly as much time hopping to irrelevant topics while I try to get work done. I really appreciate the greater ease this gives my work hours."  S.Y.

Mindfulness for Families

For busy families, stopping once a week for a 45-minute mindfulness session together—in your own home—provides insight and tools for school, work, and relationships.  I'll help you find a time that works for your family!

"For us meditation is a way to cope with daily stress, come together spiritually and connect peacefully as a family.  There is now a shared idea around which we can have other discussions the rest of the week.  Patricia has made our sessions a time of calm reflection and being—and she always finds a way to connect with our 12-year-old son and keep him engaged in the practice."  A.D. and R.V.

Mindfulness Circles for Seniors

Older people benefit from connectivity, gentle movement, body scan, mindfulness meditation, poetry, and laughter.

"Mindfulness meditation was a new concept to me till I was introduced to it at the weekly class.  Patricia uses a subtle and lovely sound meditation as well as body awareness and movement meditation. She also creates an atmosphere of sharing and togetherness."  M.W.


Workshops & retreats

Structured to fit your schedule and interests.

See some suggested topics here.

Workshops of varying lengths are available for my new book, "Eight Steps to an Authentic Life: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times."  This book includes teachings and practices that encompass all aspects of our experience, bringing our lives into harmony with our true values.  Life is short—why not make it as meaningful as you can?


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