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Eight Steps to an Authentic Life:

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

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"[Patricia Ullman's] stories feel rich and genuine, as if carefully curated over time.  In fact, the whole book feels this way.  It's also brief without being rushed, as if marinated over a period of many years and then slowly roasted until it reached the ideal serving temperature."  Pathways Magazine

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"In Eight Steps to an Authentic Life, Buddhists will instantly recognize the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path, fleshed out with insight, care, and attention, while non-Buddhists will discover a treasure trove of sage advice and guideposts for leading a purposeful and wholesome life." Andrew Safer for The Chronicles

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"Slow Food Mindfulness"

Winter 2017-18 Pathways (Washington DC)

Meditation is becoming more ordinary and mainstream each day, which is amazing and wonderful.  The challenge that naturally comes along with that, as with many traditional things that become popularized, is how to retain clarity about its profound core even while celebrating its growing accessibility.

As the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation co-emerges in the west as both an authentic practice and as a self-help fad, businesses are springing up all across the country which offer a variety of things under its umbrella—at mindfulness studios and in yoga classes, in schools, and in organizations and businesses. 

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"Mindfulness Meditation:

Stabilizing, Clarifying, and Strengthening Your Mind"

Spring 2018 Pathways (Washington DC)

Mindfulness is the innate ability to be fully present and engaged with what's happening in the present moment.  It's being "on the dot," not sidetracked by our wandering minds that tend to default to anything other than what's actually going on.  When we're more present and less caught up in our own thoughts, we become more available to others, more accurate and productive, and more content.

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What is "Right Effort" in Meditation?

Summer 2017 Pathways (Washington DC)

We can live our lives fully, with genuine presence and engagement.  The way we train for this is with mindfulness meditation.

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Family Meditation

Summer 2018 Pathways (Washington DC)

There are many skillful methods for teaching mindfulness to children, and they benefit in so many ways.  You can read this article here.

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Finding Silence in a Noisy World

Fall 2018 Pathways (Washington DC)

Find the silent spaces in your life, within the noise of technology, traffic, talking, and thinking.  Read the full article here.

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